Superior oilfield waste management services across the well life cycle

Saltwater Disposal

Trinity is focused on reliable and cost efficient saltwater disposal solutions for operators.

Through numerous acquisitions and subsequent organic growth, Trinity Environmental Services has become a leading Saltwater Disposal company throughout several of the most active basins in the world. Today with 18 operational wells in the Permian Basin, 1 in the Barnett Shale, 7 throughout the Eagle Ford Shale and South Texas, as well as numerous SWD prospects, Trinity is positioned to service its customers at every level of operations.

Our Saltwater Disposal Facilities are built with cutting edge technology and are equipped with spill containment to ensure environmental protection.  Our treatment processes center around protecting our wellbores and formations, ensuring there is sufficient volumetric capacity available to address growing demand for years to come. To reduce operating costs, downtime, and cost per load, we employ advanced monitoring technologies and automation. We also build and operate pipelines to our facilities for operators, which substantially reduce transportation costs. Trinity consistently strives to offer our customer-base the highest quality service from start to finish, and we’re ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Available at these locations:

Big Chief, Boone, Cedar Lake, Charger, Cresson, Deep Six, Duster, Fannie Boyd, Geronimo, Hopper, Howle, Judge, Mustang, Penrose , Red Lake, Senza, Superior and T-Bone

E&P Waste Disposal

Our salt caverns allow for highly efficient and environmentally conscious disposal of E&P waste.

One of only three companies in the United States utilizing underground salt caverns to dispose of non-hazardous oilfield waste, Trinity Environmental Services’ innovative approach provides an environmentally-conscious disposal method designed to exceed current regulations. Slurried waste is injected into an underground cavern, which is surrounded by an impermeable domal salt structure. Trinity’s salt caverns offer unique advantages to alternative means of E&P waste disposal by providing total containment and isolation of waste, minimal handling of waste materials, and negligible risk of fracture, contact with other strata, or environmental impact. This processing and disposal method provides operators with peace of mind, minimal wait time, and efficient operations.

Available at these locations:

Moss Bluff

Cleaning Services

Trinity provides best in class washout services at our Moss Bluff facility.

From vacuum and end dump truck washouts to confined space frac tank cleaning, we offer 24-hour-a-day washout services for our customers. All material and residual cleaning materials are handled in the most environmentally responsible means possible by injection into a salt cavern.

Available at these locations:

Moss Bluff